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August 26, 2007

End Of Summmer Means It's Time To Clean Your AC Unit

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Temperatures are starting to drop and that means it's almost time to take out that air conditioner and store it away for winter, but before you do it needs a good cleaning.

When you remove the machine, there's bacteria in the unit itself, says Air-Wave Air Conditioning Company service advisor Harold Wissner. If you don't clean it when you remove it, that bacteria and gems are going to stay in the unit and unless it's clean, when you use it next season, you're going to be breathing in all that bacteria in the unit.

A good cleaning will also help it run more efficiently.

So we asked the experts at Air-Wave in the Bronx to show us how to give your AC a quick basic cleaning.

First, once you take it out of the window or wall, you need to remove the cover and take out the filter.

Depending on the type of filter you have, whether it's a permanent filter or what they call a throwaway filter, wash it in either warm or cold water and let it dry, says Wissner.

You don't need to use soap... just a rinse. It might also be a good time to replace the filter if it's old.

If your unit is all one piece and cannot come out of its case, you won't be able to easily clean the inside. If it's a slide out unit, the next step is to unscrew it from its case, or chassis, and carefully slide it out. Then unscrew the top.

The next step that we're doing is wrapping the motor so that water doesn't get into the bearings, says Wissner. If you have an air conditioner that has an electronic control panel you need to cover it or remove it. If you get any water or moisture into the control panel, it will destroy the panel and they are very, very expensive to replace.

Also, if the plug as a surge protector, cover that as well.

Once everything is sealed, take a hose and spray down the evaporator and condenser coils.

Once its gets a good cleaning, dump out the excess water and let it dry.

Now once the machine is completely dry you can return it to its sleeve. Then it's a good idea to wrap it in plastic or paper for storage. When you store it, you need to make sure to keep it level. Store it in the upright position, not on its side.

Now if all this seems too complicated, or you want to give your machine a more thorough cleaning you can leave it to the professionals. For about $250 companies like Air-Wave can remove from your home, give it a complete overhaul, store for you at their facility, and then reinstall it in the spring.

Jill Scott

The Air-wave Advantage