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Combination Heating & Cooling Air Conditioners
Service, Overhaul, and Sales Save You Money

Save $2,000 to $5,000 with an Air-Wave Air Conditioning Co. overhaul of your through-the-wall combination heating and cooling  (PTAC) air conditioning system. It may well be the smarter choice than buying a brand new model, and, we guarantee that you will be extending the unit's life. The advantages for overhauling are many:

* Older units normally are better built than and will outlast new units

* Durable, heavy-gauge meal is used

* Materials and workmanship are superior to those  used in the manufacture of brand new units

* An overhauled unit will work efficiently at lower temperatures

* The unit will be more rust-resistant

* Reliability is greater

Air-Wave Air Conditioning Co., Inc., which has served customers in the Greater New York Area, including Westchester and Nassau Counties, for over 56 years, has a unique, time- tested, overhauling technique that has extended the operation of many PTACs.

We service McQuay, GE Zoneline, Islandaire, Friedrich, Carrier, Ice Cap, American Air Filter, Amana and other makes.

Our prompt, checkout will determine if an overhaul is advisable.

Save thousands! Contact us at 212-545-1122 or 718-933-1011

PS: We also sell brand-new PTACs, but if you are looking to save $$$, a service call and recommended overhaul is probably the smarter first choice.

The Air-wave Advantage